CRM & Deal Management Software

for the Modern Commercial Broker




Digital Rolodex - 360 degree view of your entire contact database

Prospect Management

Seamless prospecting to uncover new business engagements

Deal Pipeline Management

Intuitively automate the sales cycle from Proposal to Close

Report & Analytics

Robust analytics engine provides top down visibility to foster data-driven decisions

Commissions & Payment

End-to-end CRM, transaction, and accounting management tools

CRE Database

Digital Rolodex - 360 degree view of your entire contact database

Comp Database

Capture all Sale & Lease comps and quickly search across all your comps using our REthink GEO Search tool

Stacking Plan

Manage every space in your portfolio, and track lease expirations to stay on top of availability

Properties & Listing

From physical details to associated parties, track all aspects of your Properties and Listings


Every Property your brokerage touches, all in one place

All your CRE in one place


Tenant Rep

Find the perfect office, industrial, or retail space for your client. Manage all tenant representation deals in one system.

Landlord Rep

Connect your building owners with the perfect tenant in less time, while giving landlords better visibility into each stage of the deal.

Buyer Rep

Managing acquisitions have never been easier. Promote your client’s best interest and find the perfect deal for your client while managing the entire buyer representation process in REthink.

Seller Rep

Maximize your seller’s return on their sale by having critical data in one place. Use comps to determine the best price point and leverage your existing database of buyers to quickly connect.

What REthink Clients Are Saying?


Featured Articles
Tom IsolaTom IsolaLee & Associates-L.A. West
"We were really thorough with our CRM evaluation process. Our goal was to find a platform that everyone could and would use, even the guys who don’t like to organize their data. Our CRM had to be extremely user friendly to get our brokers hooked. We’ve added REthink licenses since implementation, which has been driven by brokers seeing other broker’s in the office finding value in REthink almost immediately."img
Kyle LundyKyle LundyCBRE - Fort Collins
"The REthink platform and team is fantastic and I’ve never used that word when speaking about software. The onboarding analyst was the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She went above and beyond customizing the software to the specific needs of our team...I spent hours comparing the CRM's for real estate and REthink is best of class. If you put in the time during implementation then the combination of REthink’s product, team and support will leave you with a competitive advantage."img
 Bryant Patterson Bryant PattersonStream Realty - Austin
"When it came to CRM we realized we really need 3 core items, 1. a customizable platform. We needed something that we could modify over time. 2. Integration with other products. We need contacts to flow into Outlook, we need to connect to our marketing solutions, etc.  3. a collaborative relationship with the company behind our CRM. We wanted someone with technical and real estate experience who we could partner with. We looked at everyone in the market and chose REthink because they checked all of these boxes."
Greg BrownGreg BrownNAI DiLeo-Bram & Co.

"From the start, REthink took a consultative approach, really taking the time to understand our business and objectives. REthink has become the core foundation of our technology stack; a central hub connecting our broader marketing and client engagement technology suite. The overarching result has improved office harmony, accountability within our team, and overall a better experience for our clients."

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