The most visionary company in commercial real estate

This whole crazy ride started the day Vijay, our founder, a crack Salesforce guy and an ex-CRE investment guru, saw the potential magic in a marriage of Salesforce and commercial real estate.

Since that point, Rethink has been on a journey to build the best solution for CRE professionals to gain competitive advantages and insights across their business.

We are commercial real estate and software industry veterans who know and love real estate

Many of us have worked in real estate. Some of us come out of the IT organizations of really big firms. But in the end, we are career software people. And that’s actually a really good thing for you.

As career software professionals, we think about product design differently. We build products differently, and better. We understand that CRE is different than selling widgets and needed a purpose-built solution that included both the software and people aspects working together.

And it’s Austin we call home

Austin encourages us to be different. Its spirit of balance and harmony, joyful jamming, and just plain good times touches every one of us, and makes for an extraordinary, creative work environment.

Why should you care? Because the magic in this place, in this team, is a magnet for top talent. Some companies struggle to maintain the quality of their hires as they grow. No struggle here.