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3 Broker Pain Points That Can Be Cured with Technology

Some of the most common challenges that brokers in real estate face come as a result of inefficiency or mismanagement. Commercial real estate is a demanding field that requires a lot of time to be spent on networking and building connections, and if you haven’t made the switch to software solutions, you’re placing yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Here are three of the more common pain points that brokers who don’t embrace technology face, and how they can use technology to fix them.

1. Unable to Recruit Quality Brokers

One of the main reasons why brokers have a difficult time hiring real estate salespersons is because of their marketing strategy. In the era of digital marketing, one of the most effective ways for a brokerage to market themselves is by increasing their presence on social media.

This means posting high-quality content, engaging with followers, and building a reputable brand image. The good news is that programs like Hootsuite make marketing easy, increasing your likelihood of attracting experienced agents and brokers.

2. Not Converting Enough Leads

Part of being a successful broker is building and maintaining connections. While a good marketing campaign will help you generate leads, you still need to put in the work to convert those leads into clients. And in order to do this, you’ve got to stay in touch with your prospective client. Programs like MailChimp and Hubspot are great for coming up with email marketing campaigns, but you still have to make sure that your messages don’t come across as impersonal.

One effective way to come up with personalized emails is to use a CRM that allows you to track and store information of individual customers and groups alike. That way, as you collect more information on your prospects, you’re able to better connect with them.

3. Difficulty Staying Organized

In today’s fast-paced work, staying organized without the help of technology is nearly impossible. For brokers working in CRE, not having immediate access to contact details and other information could be the difference between closing a high-dollar deal or not. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical to stay organized and always be prepared.

The good news is that cloud technology makes it easier for brokers to retrieve all of their important information from any computer or device that has internet access. Not only does this save them trips going to and from the office, it also means they never have to walk into a meeting unprepared again.

Finding the Right Software Solution for You

In order to overcome those pain points holding your business back, you need to first be open to trying new technological solutions. Fortunately, learning how to operate these platforms is typically a quick and easy process. Premium CRM platforms designed specifically for real estate professionals can help you more efficiently, making it easier to stay organized and engage with your clients and prospects. That way, you can spend less time doing admin work in the office and get back to what really matters – closing on important deals.