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3 Ways to Keep Your Sphere Healthy and Engaged

From generating new leads for sales to helping you find the perfect buyer or tenant for commercial property, your sphere of influence can be a great driving force behind your success as a commercial real estate professional. Unfortunately, all too many CRE professionals make the mistake of investing all of this time building up their sphere of influence, by networking with influential people in the industry, connecting with their clients, asking for referrals, and more — only to lose track and then let their network become inactive and stale.

In all honesty, your sphere is one of the biggest fundamental marketing pieces you have to drive your success, or lack thereof. And, just like any other business needs to keep its leads warm, you should also keep your sphere warm, in order for it to be beneficial to your business.

But how can you keep your sphere healthy and engaged? How can you help keep your sphere from turning from warm to cold? Here are 3 ways to help you keep your sphere healthy and engaged.

Connect on social media platforms

Today, social media is more than just a great place to watch cat videos. In fact, it can be one of the most effective ways to connect with your sphere of influence. From business groups you’re a part of to your own professional real estate Facebook page, it comes as no surprise that the current social media tools are making it easier than ever to keep in touch and stay connected with your network.

But how can you help increase engagement on social media? How can you make people want to interact with you and your brand? The answer is simple: authenticity. Simply put, people can spot posts and updates that are phony and fake from a mile away. Instead, provide your followers and connections with real insights and updates about your business, as well as local area expertise that really showcase your value as a CRE professional.

Reconnect with important people through direct mail

Direct mail can also be a great way to keep your sphere of influence interested and involved. Similarly to social media, direct mail is convenient, cost-effective, and personal, allowing you to customize your messaging and target specific segments of your sphere.

One advantage of direct mail over social media is its ability to be seen. Direct mail is hard to miss, but most people will tell you that their newsfeed is even more cluttered than their physical mailbox — making this option a great tool for building awareness and cultivating engagement.

Automate your marketing efforts to deliver the best results

One of the biggest keys to engagement is frequency — and unfortunately, it is also one of the keys that CRE professionals struggle with the most to perfect. If you speak to your sphere too infrequently, they will tend to forget about you. But if you speak to them too much or too often, you’ll likely turn them off — and lose their interest forever in return.

A great way to combat this is to schedule your marketing ahead of time, in order to ensure an optimal stream of communication without coming across too strongly. For best results, create a consistent schedule (such as 1-2 mailings per month), and stick with it throughout the course of the year.

By sticking to a set schedule, your customers and prospects will get used to your communication, and even come to expect it. As a result, your marketing won’t seem like any sort of intrusion into their lives, but rather a friendly (and by extension, effective) reminder that you are standing by to help with any of their commercial real estate needs.

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