For some late adopters, the main argument against adding CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to their brokerage is the cost of purchasing and implementing the platform, more and more brokerages are realizing that the benefits of a CRM over time far outweigh the initial cost.

For an industry built on relationships, these brokers know that a CRM is essential for staying competitive and making the most of relevant data and marketing resources. A robust platform provides features that enhance performance, automate routine tasks, and ultimately improve customer service and satisfaction. CRM can cut costs, boost efficiency through planning, clean up data, improve responsiveness, and make marketing more effective.


It’s time to toss the day planner and sticky notes aside. With a good CRM, you will be empowered to plan your tasks and activities ahead of time and include the necessary individuals to make the process seamless for your prospects and customers. Closing a deal requires multiple people to be on the exact same page for both completed and outstanding tasks.

A CRM, like REthink CRE, will help your entire team stay organized and help brokers close more deals in less time.


The data and contact information you need every day is kept free of duplication and redundancy within a CRM platform. Customers of REthink CRE have access to accurate information for insights into prospects, clients, properties, pipeline and sales/lease comp. With a streamlined database, access to vital information is fast and easy with everything assembled and aggregated for you in usable formats. Data is available in real time, across devices, and can be shared easily with colleagues and clients.

Clean data isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every person who interacts with a client should have the exact same information in front of them. This allows your team to provide a consistent, high-quality level of service to your clients. Never waste time hunting down an old client’s cell phone number. Once this data is in your CRM your entire team will be able to access it at any time, on any device. Clean data leads to sharp, professional, efficient customer service.


Prospecting efforts and retaining business with legacy clientele is equally important to the bottom line. With the contact management tools available, you can log and record all communications and transactions, storing all the information together for quick access and easy connections.

The ability to store and share documents on a platform that’s accessible to the whole team and updated in real time means that deals move forward faster. With real-time collaboration wait times are eliminated on approvals and signatures. CRMs allow documents to be stored and connected to the client’s account. The upcoming deadlines, signatures that are needed, and meetings that are set are all in one place where your entire team can easily find them. Implementing a CRM isn’t just about making brokers more efficient; it’s about providing a high level of service to every single client and prospect your brokerage touches.


The use of contact management features in a CRM, like REthink CRE, can result in highly targeted and more effective marketing. A CRM allows for categorization of both contacts and prospects and also tracking the performance of individual marketing channels to gauge their effectiveness. Making smart decisions about where to spend your marketing time and effort can dramatically improve results.

Customers of REthink CRE are also opened up to a wealth of data and property information that can be easily compiled to create compelling marketing materials. Property records in your database can include all of the relevant data, photos, and people involved.

A quality CRM platform does all of this and more. It makes it easier for you to take care of the details without losing sight of the big picture, and ultimately helps every broker close more deals in less time. To incentivize inputting information, CRM’s should be able to create client-facing reports at the click of a button. Cut down on redundant tasks by tracking prospective buyers/tenants and producing Listing Activity Reports for your clients in real-time. Your competition won’t know what hit them.

If you would like to see the many ways that REthink CRE can cut costs and boost efficiency through planning, clean data, improved responsiveness, and more effective marketing, click here and book your demo now.

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