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5 Ways CRE Brokers Can Draw Inspiration from Influencers

As a result of social media’s unquestionable prominence, a new wave of digital celebrities has hit center stage.

Influencers stand as today’s greatest inspirational leaders who are on a mission to disrupt society’s mechanized pace to promote happiness, confidence, and, most of all, success.

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These major players rewrite the tenants of modern-day professionalism, and their confidence-boosting principles can be applied anywhere in life.

Let’s check out some of their biggest lessons and apply them to commercial real estate (CRE).

1. Keep your word

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, this is the most valuable piece of advice he’s ever received.

On the topic, Gary said, “If you make a commitment, no matter what happens, you have to deliver. Not only is your business’s brand at stake, but your personal brand and reputation too.”

When it comes to professionalism, integrity is a priceless treasure.

Being dependable and always standing by your word should be a noteworthy part of your business relationships.

2. Build a tribe

Building a tribe of raving fans, subscribers, and clients is one of Carrie Green’s prime action steps toward attaining success.

It’s crucial to focus on the client experience and do everything possible to ‘wow’ them.

Carrie urges professionals to ask themselves: “How do I want people to feel when they read my emails, attend my events, come to my website, or have any other kind of interaction with my business?”

By impressing clients, you gain their support, repeated business, and referrals.

3. Work with passion

While having a major goal you’re working toward is important, Richard Branson warns it’s not enough.

What really sets the most successful people apart is passion, which Richard explains is “one of the most important attributes that any change maker can possess.”

He goes on to explain that passion “keeps you focused on the job at hand, and ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful.”

It’s passion that gives us the energy and enthusiasm we need when faced with challenges that seem insurmountable.

4. Value relationships

Relationships are always key to success — especially in CRE.

According to Seth Godin, “When people with different assets, needs and views come together, they’re able to produce more than they ever could on their own.”

He then took it a step further by painting a picture of how much more you can accomplish when you communicate and partner seamlessly with other people and organizations.

“Trading goods, skills and knowledge without friction creates a leap in productivity,” he explained.

Remember to keep your network engaged and look for opportunities where combined efforts can help you achieve more than you ever could alone.

5. Embrace change

Change is the one thing you can always rely on.

People change jobs, regulations evolve, and new technologies disrupt the status quo.

Beth Comstock suggests owning that change, rather than avoiding it.

“Change is such an important dynamic in business it must now be part of everyone’s job,” she said. “You cannot delegate this — you must lead it. That means every function of every company has to be ready to change, and to meet change early.”

When you approach your work with a forward-looking vision and a readiness to adapt, you position yourself for success.

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