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5 Digital Tactics for Adding More Contacts to Your Rolodex

Expanding your network and growing your contact list is critical to success in real estate, as the larger your network the more potential clients you may have. While there are the traditional ways of gaining more contacts through networking events, exchanging business cards or getting introductions from current contacts, there are also now ways to utilize the internet to grow your rolodex in different ways.

Here we will look at a few different ways to grow your contacts in today’s business environment.

1. Social Media

Social media is essentially a large network with everyone having the common thread that they are on that social channel. These channels can be used in multiple different ways to obtain new contacts. Through creating meaningful, useful and attractive content it can help grow a following that can result in them reaching out to you for potential business.

Another way to utilize these channels is to reach out to a contact you may have been hoping to make but would not get the chance to encounter in person.

2. Create Content

Blogging can give you great quality content to utilize on your social media channels. It can also help to expand your footprint on the internet and garner more search results. Creating this content can also position you as source of information on the topic you http://bit.ly/2lYQMUtwrite about. Becoming this source or expert can lead to people reaching out to you for information on the topic and then becoming a new contact.

A blog can also allow for collaboration with other businesses. Asking a business that you want to add as a contact to collaborate on a blog post with you can lead to the start of a great working relationship as you are offering them value from the start.

3. Tap into Other People’s Networks

Utilizing the opposite idea of collaborating on asking someone to collaborate on a blog post with you, you can ask to be featured on their blog, radio show, television show, etc. This can help gain the collaborator as a contact but also expose you to their already established network.

Another way to do this is to utilize a service like Help a Reporter Out to become a source for different journalists who can feature you in articles. All of this can also become great content for your social media channels as mentioned above.

4. Giveaway Something Free

While at networking events you may be giving away free pens, t-shirts or other promotional items online you can offer free items that are downloadable content like a white paper or ebook. To receive the free item, individuals must provide their contact information. This will help to get contacts that are relevant as well as they are interested in the topics your free item revolves around.

5. Create a Sales Funnel

Utilizing the above three tactics can help to create the first step of your sales funnel. Taking it another step would be to create a landing page which all of your content would direct to. The landing page would act as a capture for contact information and help to build your list.

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