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5 Prospecting Steps to Master in the New Year

Prospecting is something all successful agents have mastered. There are standard prospecting procedures and more creative ways to prospect and the key to being a strong real estate agent is to learn how to be great at both. Here are five prospecting steps to master in the new year so you can gain more leads and eventually turn these leads into clients.

1. Reach Out to Your Network

Your friends and family are the easiest people to do business with simply because they know you and can vouch for your professionalism. You need to make it clear to your network that you are seeking new clients. You need to tap into this network by reaching out to friends and family often to stay on their radar. Send an email, pick up the phone or reach out via social media and track all of these efforts with your CRM. Many people won’t give you a referral the first time you speak to them, so it is crucial that you reach out regularly.

2. Utilize Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a great tool for prospecting. Videos and blog posts can help you establish yourself as a thought leader and help you build your brand. Content marketing can include:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Website

You want to make sure you are sharing quality content that will resonate with your audience. Every piece of content you send out or produce should build your personal real estate brand. Be consistent with your tone, message, and look and utilize web analytics to track the engagement your content is getting.

3. Follow Up With Every Lead

There are too many leads that are left on the table because real estate agents didn’t follow up. Storing contact info, keeping records and following up on leads is critical. One of the best prospecting tips is to keep meticulous notes and to keep a record of anything and everything you learn about a prospect so that when you do follow up, the lead knows that you have been listening to them and can help them.

4. Establish a Daily Real Estate Prospecting Plan

Make a very specific calendar for yourself and all of the tasks related to prospecting so that you can open your calendar every day and know exactly what you need to do. Consistent prospecting leads to more consistent business. Block out one or two hours each day to complete specific goals every day. Schedule an hour a day to send follow up emails or post content to your social media channels.

5. Attend Networking Events

Make an effort to attend professional networking events, community events, and neighborhood gatherings. Be sure to keep your business card on your everywhere you go because you truly never know when or where you may find a lead. Be prepared everywhere you go to wow a potential prospect.

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