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5 Ways to Generate More Online Leads for Your Property

Guest post by: Bob Samii, CEO/Founder of SharpLaunch

Generating good quality leads is a critical success factor for any leasing or sales effort for a commercial property. Sometimes leveraging your existing network or simply posting on LoopNet will not provide the results you’re looking for. So what do you do next?

Here are 5 other approaches to consider to help widen your digital footprint and attract new leads:

1. Create a property website

Having a property website for your listing can have many benefits and helps set the foundation for all of your online marketing activities.

Not only can a property website help you stand out and differentiate from competing property listings but it can help immediately capture interest and engage prospects without other distractions lingering around like on large CRE listing portals.

2. Launch AdWords campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful advertising platform that can produce immediate results. You can maximize visibility in Google search results for hundreds (or thousands) of relevant keywords related to your property and simply pay anytime someone clicks and lands on your listing page.

In addition, with Google AdWords you can have your property Ads show up in specific placements across a massive network of online news sites, blogs and publications where your prospects might be browsing (ex. NYTimes.com, NASDAQ.com, etc.).

3. Launch LinkedIn campaign

With LinkedIn, you can launch advertising campaigns for your property with granular level targeting based on many dimensions such as geography, industry, title, company size and more.

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove for CRE marketing and help generate leads but you need a healthy budget in order to move the needle for your campaigns.

4. Post on alternative CRE sites

Besides the Costar Group, there are plenty of LoopNet competitors and alternative CRE listing portals worth considering to help you maximize visibility in front of potential tenants and investors.

Many of them are free and simply require your effort to add all the necessary listing information.

5. Segment and send targeted emails

The CRE industry is plagued by spammy “spray and pray” email campaigns. If you want to improve your email marketing performance then it’s absolutely critical to segment your contacts and send targeted messages to those segments.

Although this requires more work, segmentation can deliver significant results for your email marketing campaigns.

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