Compared to commercial real estate sales, the pool for residential real estate leads seems bottomless. There are always individuals and families looking for a good home. But for commercial real estate agents, you’ll need to put some power behind your lead conversion strategy, and a quality CRM can be a great way to do it.

Better Relationships Lead to More Conversions

Typical CRM software focuses on building up contacts. That leaves you to try to figure out the best strategies for converting those leads through trial and error; terribly inefficient, not to mention ineffective.

REthink CRE uses a comprehensive approach to lead conversion. Beginning with providing you with the means to increase lead generation, these tools:

  •      Help you manage and track new deal opportunities
  •      Automate several administrative processes
  •      Eliminate redundancy and inconsistency
  •      Organize important customer data
  •      And reduce errors in the conversion process

Each of these capabilities is designed to power up your lead conversion strategies for CRE. Here are just 5 ways a quality CRM can help you maximize that power.

#1: Helps Target Marketing Efforts

All CRE agents should be focused around a marketing strategy for securing serious leads. If your marketing efforts are not targeted correctly, you will waste a lot of time and energy on low quality leads that go nowhere. Quality CRM software can help you precisely target your marketing efforts in order to attract high quality leads.

#2: Nurture Leads

So much effort has been focused on helping CRE agents generate more leads, but as a result little attention has been paid to lead nurturing. This technique enables you to gently craft a relationship with your leads long before they ever make contact with you. Look for CRM tools with features that help you easily and strategically nurture your leads. If you expect one call to close, you’re in the wrong game. Closing a lead is a long-term process that usually requires multiple touch points that you can track in CRMs like REthink CRE.

#3: Can Guide Prospects through to Conversion

Once you’ve got your lead’s interest, you want to be able to guide them through to conversion without rushing them or being too overbearing. How to strike the proper balance and timing to make your pitch for conversion is crucial to the success of your strategy. Use CRM tools to bring your leads successfully along the journey to conversion.

More specifically to REthink CRE, we are cognizant of the negative impact of bad data in your CRM. To filter unwanted leads from your CRM, which should be reserved for true relationships, we’ve created an intuitive conversion process automating prospects to create company/contact records.

#4: Automate Processes and Reduce Manual Data Entry

Leveraging a CRM like REthink CRE can help you automate mundane everyday tasks associated with prospecting and nurturing leads. From pre-built integrations with CRE databases of properties and owner information to reduce manual data entry, to setting up automated notifications for lease expirations or debt maturities to keep you one step ahead of your prospects, clients and competitors. A CRE-focused CRM will keep you focused on revenue generating opportunities vs managing a generic database of contacts/leads.

#5: Segment and Analyze your Rolodex

In order to be successful with #1-4 above, you will need the type of CRM that uncovers the information that you need to be able to track and analyze your customer profiles. You will be able to better define your critical business functions and business goals. How many calls on average does it take to convert? What type of lead is converting? Where are they located? What is their niche? These are all questions you should have visibility into and are able to leverage to drive new business.

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