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Meet Rethink’s Award-Winning Customer Success Team

FeaturedCustomers named Rethink a Top Performer in their 2019 Summer Customer Success Report, Real Estate CRM Software Category.

So, what’s the secret behind Rethink’s outstanding customer success?

People that have a passion for helping customers accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Below, members of Rethink’s customer success team describe exactly what motivates them to deliver a first-class customer experience.

Gunay Hunt
Director of Client Success

“It’s extremely gratifying to grow with and support our clients. The feeling of accomplishment I get when I help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals is just incredible.”

Kelly Vanneman
Client Success Manager

“There’s no better feeling than helping a client find easier ways to make Rethink work for their business! Additionally, being a part of such an incredible Client Success team where everyone is dedicated and passionate about what we do is incredibly motivating.”

Photo of Rethink Product Manager

Elissa Kreutzer
Product Manager

“Knowing that our hard work and dedication will make our users successful in their own business motivates me every day. We develop one-of-a-kind relationships with our clients that last.”

Erin May
Operations Manager

“The most rewarding thing about being on Rethink’s Client Success team is knowing we provide true value to our clients. I enjoy having the opportunity to hear brokers’ challenges and provide solutions and suggestions to address those with the product. It’s motivating to receive messages from clients thanking me for the insights and value their team realizes as a direct result of our partnership.”

Seth Griggs
Client Success Manager and Training

“Serving our clients at Rethink consist of helping them understand our platform, and how they can realize amazing ROI by utilizing our CRE-specific CRM and deal management system. I love helping them make the connections that lead to that understanding, and the effects in their lives afterwards.”

Viviana Wan
Manager of Client Success

“Knowing that I can make a client’s day better or help them realize a goal that used to seem impossible keeps me going every day. Each conversation I have is a chance to make things a little easier for our users, and I relish that opportunity.”

Paige Iannarino
Product Support Specialist

“What motivates me to serve our clients is knowing I can provide a positive conversation or correspondence during what might otherwise be a frustrating day. ”

Brady Cooper
Client Success Manager

“What motivates me every day is speaking with customers and hearing about their latest wins and successes. Knowing that I’ve played a small part in making that happen is extremely gratifying.”

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