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This Is Why Critics Absolutely Love Rethink

A behind-the-scenes look at how Rethink won 3 awards in 1 month

Rethink caught the eye of multiple publications recently.

In fact, Rethink won three awards during September:

  1. FeaturedCustomers gave Rethink a Rising Star designation in their 2020 Summer Customer Success Report.
  2. PropTech Outlook included Rethink in their 2020 Top CRM Solution Providers list.
  3. Enterprisetechsuccess included Rethink in their Top 20 CX Solution Providers 2020 list.

So, what’s got these critics lauding everything from Rethink’s technology to its customer success?

Below, we’ll cover Rethink’s journey to becoming an award-winning force in commercial real estate technology.

Closing the commercial real estate technology gap

In 2007, Vijay Mehra, CEO and Founder of Rethink, noticed an issue no one was adequately addressing.

“After working in the commercial real estate industry, as well as with Salesforce, I noticed a gap,” he explained. “So many brokers were still using antiquated methods to manage their pipeline — everything from Excel spreadsheets to sticky notes and pen and paper.”

Because he understood the needs of the industry and the capabilities of technology, Vijay realized he could help solve that problem.

“I set off on a mission to create a platform that enabled commercial real estate brokerages to better manage their processes, their dealflow, and their data to give them better insight into their business and help them close more deals,” he said.

As a result, he launched Rethink and introduced a commercial real estate dealmaking platform now known as Rethink Core.

The solution improved prospecting, pipeline management, and reporting and analytics for brokerages around the world.

From boutique firms to large international firms like NAI, Cushman & Wakefield, and more, Rethink made its mark on the commercial real estate industry.

But Vijay still wasn’t satisfied.

Creating a culture of innovation

After 10 years of helping brokers gain greater insight into their business and close more deals, Vijay sat down with Rethink’s leadership team to drive even greater innovation.

“We wanted to refocus and get outside of our comfort zone,” Vijay recalled. “We’re not a static company. We’re not a status quo company.”

The team set out to define the vision and values that would guide Rethink as the company sought to deliver even greater market disruption.

“When we discussed our vision, we focused on a client-first approach,” Vijay said. “And defining our values really helped us understand who we are today, as well as who we should recruit for and how we build toward the future.”

The result?

They established Rethink’s vision — to be the future of CRE dealmaking — and created the seven core values shown below, which embody the company’s culture.

Rethink core values logo

The vision and values guided the team as they solidified Rethink’s position as an industry leader.

The future of CRE dealmaking

So, what did Rethink accomplish during that journey that has it drawing praise and awards from multiple publications?

Here’s a look at what makes Rethink stand out from other commercial real estate technology providers.

Rethink Core

Rethink Core — the client relationship management (CRM) solution purpose-built for commercial real estate — is the first product Rethink released.

The platform offers a centralized database that keeps brokerages’ data organized, empowering them to quickly access and share critical data to make more informed business decisions.

As Krista Leetma, Director of Intelligence and Marketing at Landmark Advisory Services, put it, “It’s the connector. It helps us break down any silos that build up between departments.”

Rethink Intelligence

Rethink Intelligence is a newly released tool that offers access to data on more than 8.5 million commercial properties out of the box.

The solution helps brokers:

  • Gain critical market intelligence — By pulling together more than 300,000 unique data sets, Rethink Intelligence gives brokers unprecedented insight into current market conditions and helps them quickly identify properties that fulfill client requirements.
  • Strengthen negotiations — With a greater understanding of a property’s specifications and the transaction prices of similar properties, brokers can approach negotiations with confidence.
  • Craft relevant and engaging marketing collateral — Armed with greater insight into the properties and spaces they represent, brokers can easily create marketing materials that present their listings in the best light.

Customer Success

In addition to innovative technology, Rethink employs a world-class Customer Success team to help users get the most out of their solutions … and the impact is undeniable.

In fact, Rethink’s Customer Success team:

  • Maintains a 97% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Has an average response time under 1 hour.
  • Helps customers see a return on investment in just 6 weeks on average.