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Dust Off Your CRM and Get Back in the Game: 5 Tips for Busy Brokers

You spent thousands of dollars on a top quality CRM program but half of your agents never use it and the other half only use it for a few things. You’re not getting the most out of your CRM. How do you get back in the game?

Maybe you’re thinking you just don’t have time to do it. Here are 5 quick actionable tips that you can start doing now to dust off your CRM strategy.

Get Back in the Game

There’s a reason why you invested the money to add CRM tools to your brokerage. If you are not getting the most out of it, you’re not only taking a loss on your investment, you are missing all of the benefits that attracted you to it to begin with, meanwhile your competitors continue to close deals faster and keep a healthier pipeline of quality contacts than your firm. You need to get back in the game. If you commit to doing these 5 things, you can.

1. Add 5 New Contacts, Daily (10 Minutes)

Managing the clients you already have eats into the time you should be spending updating your CRM with new contacts or even prospecting for new ones. Commit to devoting 10 minutes every day to adding at least 5 new contacts to your CRM database.

2. Reach Out to 3 Old Prospects, Weekly or Monthly (15 Minutes)

Building relationships is only half of the job. The other half is nurturing those relationships. You need to schedule time to get back in touch with old prospects – they may lead to new opportunities. Commit to spending 15 minutes to contacting your old prospects at least monthly and if you’re not getting a lot of responses or leads, weekly.

3. Clean Up/Merge Duplicate Entries, Monthly or Quarterly (30 Minutes)

Refreshing and updating your database is going to take a little more time to do. If you or your CRM are doing due diligence, you shouldn’t have any duplicate entries or require any cleanup. However, if you’re barely using your CRM program, you will need to spend at least a half hour each month or three months merging and updating your contacts database.

4. Review Tech Training and Refresh Team, Annually or Semi-Annually

If you really want to dust off your CRM, it’s time to schedule a training session. Not all CRM providers offer additional training or a training documents library (REThink customers have access to Train-the-Trainer administrators and a massive library containing video training aids.

5. Customize Data Collection and Reports, Annually

When you adopted your CRM tool, you set preferences for collecting data and creating reports. One of the ways to refresh and dust off your CRM is to adjust your preferences to collect better data and create more useful reports.

Automate All of 5 Steps

Taking these 5 steps will help you get back in the game but what if you could automate all of these tasks so that you wouldn’t have to spend any time doing it? You can! See how it works – Schedule a demo.

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