Whether you’re implementing a new brokerage-wide CRM or want to change your listing presentation to an interactive solution for iPad, any new technology can cause ruffled feathers if you don’t do your part to encourage buy-in from your team. This gets even more complicated as our workforce continues to change and the differences between Millennials and Gen X’ers become more apparent.

There has been a lot of focus on the Millennial generation —generally those born between 1980 and 2000. More than one-in-three American workers are Millennials, and they’ve surpassed Gen X (generally those born between 1960-1980) to become the largest share of the workforce. But, Gen X’ers are now a decade or two into their careers. They’re filling the management roles that Boomers are exiting. They’re the Elon Musks and Marissa Meyers of the world, and they will continue to have a considerable stake in the workforce.

If you’re bringing on new technology, how do you encourage buy-in from these two groups within your brokerage? Here are some pointers.


While more than half of the Millennial generation feels they do not need a classroom to learn, Gen X’ers are often leery of feeling as though they’re being told what to do. Therefore, a classroom or face-to-face training session on new technology may not be the best bet when encouraging tech adoption.

Let’s say you’re a broker bringing on a new CRM for your agents. You may consider online training that can be done at the agent’s convenience or video tutorials that can be accessed at their leisure. Both groups will appreciate flexible, on-demand training.


While the Millennial generation is known for quickly adapting to new technologies, keep in mind that Gen X’ers are also known for being quite adaptable. Remember, this generation experienced all the new technology advances of the 1990’s and 2000’s —they have a vast tech knowledge set that isn’t as outdated as you may think.

Believe in your decision to bring in the new technology and share your excitement with your team. Both generations are considered adaptable, but will need your encouragement and energy to see why this new technology makes sense for them.


Both the Millennial generation and Gen X’ers are often considered reality driven —so as you add new technologies and ask for buy-in, it will be important to make it make sense for them. What is the practical reason why adding this technology makes sense? How will it make their day easier, their work more efficient?


As mentioned, many Gen X’ers are now decades into their careers —they have tried and true methods (even when it comes to technology) that just work for them. Their tech adoption may be slower and “small wins” can be considered great successes. Whereas Millennials have grown up with technology and don’t need you to hold their hand through the adoption process.

Bryant Patterson, VP of Business Intelligence at Stream Realty, really sums it up nicely. He says: “It’s naive to think that someone with 10+ years of experience will drop everything to learn a new technology. They have habits and workflows and know how they operate. The last thing they want is to slow down their process, that for them has been successful. With the experienced brokers its all about the quick wins —getting them out of excel and into a database system with REthink, and showing the power of having your contacts in one place. You have to go for the small wins with the experienced brokers; they will see and feel the wins and it will draw them in more. With the inexperienced brokers I just give them a log in and that’s all I have to do and they go figure it out. This has changed our the entire approach to how we implement software.”


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