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Mid-Funnel Leads Stalling Out? Try These 3 Tips

Keeping your sales funnel circulating is imperative for CRE professionals to be at the top of their game. Client stagnation is a natural part of the industry, but the pros know how to turn mid-funnel leads into successful business transactions.  

It happens to the best of us – potential clients become unresponsive and get stuck without taking action. But how can we combat the stalled leads, and instead cultivate a system where every initial contact point is nurtured into a sale, which matures into an opportunity for repeated business and referrals?

This transformation is possible by implementing professional engagement tactics which provide the perfect push into action. Optimize your mid-funnel leads with these 3 tips.

Blog Posts

Client engagement is one of the most important aspects involved in turning stuck leads into active clients. Blog posts provide a great opportunity to grab the attention of mid-funnel stragglers, and it works especially well in the CRE industry.

When it comes to a blog, it’s necessary to produce relevant and creative content – but the good news is, the options are endless. Agents and brokers can write about industry trends, new technologies, tips and tricks, or even their latest listings and sales.

The most important point to remember is the blog posts should encourage the readers to make a move, and gently remind them that they’ve become ‘stuck in the middle’. It can be short and sweet, or long and into depth. No matter how you format it, blog posts are a wonderful method to get connected and rekindle the business opportunity.

Social Media

Activism on social media platforms has become a vital component for the CRE industry. The online market is huge and teeming with potential customers – many of which are probably already somewhere in your sales funnel.

Maintaining a connection through social media is incredibly easy for clients to digest, and it’s a low-friction method of reaching out. On social media, you’re entering into the client’s grounds and speaking their language. For CRE, social media stands as a friendly meeting area between the client and the agent.

Share amazing content, use captivating videos and photos, and remind your mid-funnel clients why they were interested in conducting their CRE business with you in the first place. Frequently posting on social media helps to keep agents and brokers relevant in the daily lives of their clients, while strengthening the relationship.

Case Studies

If after all your efforts you’re still sitting on stuck-leads, hit them with this final power-packed move – education. Sometimes, you need to use hard facts to activate those stubborn leads. Case studies provide a direct method for educating your clients about the advantages of handling their CRE business with you, and also the potential losses they’re facing by not carrying out the transaction.

Create a case study highlighting a killer deal you landed for a client, showcasing their success and proving how your skills are invaluable. By demonstrating the hard-fact benefits, even the most unresponsive leads get stimulated.

These are our three favorite tips for keeping the sales funnel in heavy motion and increasing client productivity. For more CRM solutions, click here to learn about how REthink can jumpstart your CRE business.

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