We’re winding down 2017 which has flown by so fast it seems. I’m sure like me, you’re working hard to wrap up the year-end strong, but also working to avoid getting caught up in the hectic season. I encourage you to finish strong and as we look forward to 2018- we here at REthink are filled with excitement! Like Santa’s workshop, we’ve been diligently working on some new ideas we’re close to unveiling.

We work hard to eat our own dog food. Like REthink itself, we run our business on Salesforce.com‘s world-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Ten years ago when our founder and inventor, Vijay Mehra, first imagined a brokerage focused CRM solution, he identified Salesforce.com as the platform to build upon. Vijay knew then what we’ve all seen over these past many years — that running with Salesforce.com puts the wind at your back, inflates the sails (and the sales), and creates strong momentum towards success.

Vijay’s dream, now realized in REthink CRM, continues to grow and our team continues to grow. This is my inaugural post to our newly redesigned REthink CRM website having joined REthink CRM earlier this quarter. My title of Client Services Director doesn’t mean all that much to me as I prefer titles like listener, catcher, shortstop or cleanup hitter. I even like even scrum master! Still what I loved about REthink from the outset is our team of caring members, our amazing flagship product, and our Customers. Seeing the breadth of REthink users all across America and throughout the world rolling deals and creating stacking plans and action plans and working their deal pipelines to close deals tells me everything I need to know. I love products and I love productivity. One of my mottos goes like this, “It may be good today, so let’s iterate!”. To me, that speaks to the flywheel going faster and the core needs we have for reliable tools. It also speaks to the value we can derive from continuing to look for value and improvement around our core systems. Not every system needs to iterate every day of course, and we know our Customers rely on REthink as a core tool in their war chest, and we’re grateful for your trust. We’re careful when we introduce new functions working hard to not break what’s best in REthink. Over 10 years of REthink growth and improvement that’s not always possible, but we try and it’s front of mind as we continue to strive for a still more helpful solution to aid your core business processes and help you run your deals.

In my role, I can listen and also help marshal resources towards needed outcomes. I hope we’ll get a chance to speak soon. I can be directly reached at markus@rethinkcrm.com and I welcome the chance to hear your story and hear how we’re doing and how you’re using REthink. Since my focus is around the topic of Client Services and Customer Success, I’m keen for our teams to meet and exceed Customer expectations. Like our name conveys, we REthink anything. When a teammate has an idea, our internal process is to document then subordinate the idea or concept to peer review. The fruits of this exercise can be quite explosive. Sometimes nascent ideas and concepts generate numerous fresh approaches. Internally at REthink, we have no sacred cows and we see everything as iterable. Change is inevitable of course, but change can also be disruptive, so we try to focus on workflow pain points first while encouraging everyone to think outside the box and have no fear offering ideas for peer review.

Some recent initiatives underway culminated in the desire for more listening sessions with our Customers where we seek to ever more closely understand how they’re using REthink and understanding their pain points. We call these “Health Checks” and we’ll be doing more of them in 2018. Of course, many services offer support and our support is available, but my goal is for every customer to have at least three proactive check-ins yearly. If all is great and you’re busy as a bee, no problem- just wave us off. But I absolutely do not want to miss the opportunity to solicit, hear and understand any pain points our Customers may experience with REthink. That is such vital feedback and we want such feedback incorporated into our product development cycles. We cannot always solve a single Customer’s pain point or unique workflow requirement, but I’d like to have the chance to do so, and that starts with listening. So while our Product Support team is available, I hope you’ll be able to fit us in when we reach out to you for a proactive Health Check.

There is more new iterative excitement brewing inside REthink. We have an amazing new module coming called Gifting which permits you to send gifts to clients, prospects, and partners from inside your REthink platform. Here’s the idea. You’re nearing or finished working a high-value deal, or perhaps just finished a great showing to a strong prospect? Why not send the prospect or new client a gift? Our partnership with Loop & Tie now makes it possible for you to not only send a gift, but set the amount and curate the collection of gifts if desired. Unlike other approaches such as a gift card, our solution provides you fresh metrics and awareness around their selection providing a truly seamless experience from inside your REthink.

The excitement as we race to 2018 continues to grow and so will the announcements. Stay tuned for still more new news to come. We’ve got the wrapping paper on still for a number of amazing surprises that we think you’ll love. I’ll leave you with some parting hints after the close.

To those Customers and Partners I’ve already met, thank you for your gracious welcome which has helped me ease in as I join the REthink team. To those customers I’ve not had the pleasure to meet yet, I’m looking forward to meeting you this month and into 2018, and I’m delighted for our chance to meet and greet.

In closing, whenever needed, any topics can be escalated when needed to Vijay or myself and we’ll do all we can to assist you. Together our REthink family offer our very best wishes to you, and your teams for a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a wondrous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

With all sincerity,

Marcus Van Loan
Markus Van Loan
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Certified Platform App Builder
Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

p.s. Some parting hints about other exciting REthink news coming soon… role the buzzword drums…REthink REtreat for customer REthink Administrators and power users, REthink Administration Monthly Service…. Product Services (PS) bucket time…. REthink Support Pledge…. and the still super secret—> Invoicing and Commissions Module….

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