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Out with the Old CRM Technology, In with the New

What was new yesterday is old today. CRE firms are adopting new technologies at uneven speeds. While clamoring for new CRM tools, there hasn’t been an easy way to migrate important data to new platforms, leaving some legacy systems in place that no longer work.

Many brokers want new technologies and even adopt new technologies but they don’t all work together. They are losing many of the efficiencies and functions available through new systems because they feel in over their heads trying to migrate from antiquated technologies to new platforms like Rethink.

As many new options as there are for advanced CRM software and property databases, migrating data from those antiquated legacy systems is no small task and one that few brokers feel able to do.

The Old

A decade ago, many firms invested in large legacy systems made up of hardware and software programs uploaded to the server. Different vendors have come in and out, upgraded some programs, added new ones, and replaced others over the years. What remains is a disparate array of programs used to manage different aspects of the job.

You may have invested in a leading software database a decade ago, but today, other more advanced tools have taken its place. How do you maintain all of your old information? Some systems just won’t work or require very pricey customized solutions, or tedious manual input in order to migrate important data over to a new system.

It’s highly inefficient and one of the main reasons why so many brokers are intimidated by the challenging and overwhelming task of migrating their data from an outdated, legacy CRM and instead opt to hang on to the system that they know. But CRE firms no longer have to make this Sophie’s choice. There is a new solution that deals specifically with data migration.

The New

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a CRM company that may not have the expertise to migrate data from your particular system or customize your migration, Rethink offers a streamlined process. We have created a data migration tool that streamlines data migration from all types of legacy systems.

Some older systems require more specialized support. We offer different packages including one that assigns a dedicated product support team to handle any additional configuration, product training time, or assistance with user onboarding.

Depending on the size of your firm, you can choose to allow our team to migrate your system for you or you can do it yourself. We are different from other CRM companies because we offer data migration services. It is no longer difficult to transfer from an old system to a “state-of-the-art” system. It’s not – we make it easy.

So Simple You Can DIY

Small firms with a standard database or CRM program can DIY data migration. We offer imports for residential and commercial of accounts and contacts, properties and property owners, and contacts. You can also allow us to move your data for you. Either way, you won’t break the bank and it won’t take months of manual labor to move your data over to a new and better CRM. Want to learn more about how Rethink works? Schedule a demo now.

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