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Rethink’s Launching New Enhancements

Here’s what you need to know

As part of a third quarter product release, Rethink is announcing several new enhancements and updates scheduled to launch in August.

“Each enhancement was based on client feedback and prioritized by how much it simplifies life for the end user,” said Elissa Kreutzer, Product Manager at Rethink. “If we can reduce clicks or make it easier for our clients to close deals, that’s what we’re here for.”

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Below, we’ll cover the three biggest updates.

  1. Property Sites
  2. Activity Reports
  3. GEO Search enhancements

1. Property Sites

Property Sites screenshotProperty Sites allows users to create unique websites to promote all of the properties and spaces in their portfolios.

“This is the feature I’m most excited about,” Elissa said. “It’s going to make it a lot easier for our clients to create marketing materials and bring in more deals, which is ultimately what we’re here for.”

With Property Sites, Rethink users can quickly create unique websites for each of their properties and spaces. These websites display:

  • Photos and videos
  • A property description
  • A map of the location
  • And more

Users can also capture key lead information directly from the websites through a contact request form that automatically populates corresponding fields in Rethink’s database.

2. Activity Reports

Activity Reports gives users a simple way to demonstrate progress to their clients.

“It’s going to make reporting and communication much easier,” Elissa explained. “If you’re working with a landlord and they want to see how many people inquired about their property, you can send out that report with just a few clicks.”

Users can also report on activities such as calls and tours, so they can quickly and easily demonstrate the value they bring.

3. GEO Search enhancements

Demonstration of GEO Search in actionGEO Search is a map-based tool that gives users access to critical dealmaking data, such as properties, listings, and comps.

With the new release, users can more quickly access that data.

“This was a back-end coding cleanup that allows the system to query faster so users can get their results quicker,” Elissa said. “It’s also going to allow us to expand the functionality of GEO Search moving forward.”

Continuous innovation

Rethink users can expect to see new enhancements — like those listed above — often, as Elissa plans to schedule a new product release each quarter.

“We’ll try to fit in as many features as possible, while also cleaning up any workflows and reducing clicks,” she said. “We’re also always prioritizing feedback, so if you see something that we can improve, let us know!”

Photo of Rethink Product Manager

Elissa Kreutzer
Rethink Product Manager

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