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How to Reheat Cold Leads: Part 1

In the busy world of commercial real estate (CRE), networking and client management act as the backbone for cultivating successful business transactions. For professional agents and brokers, nurturing strong customer relations is a vital responsibility necessary to be functioning at peak capacity.

From the initial interaction to deal’s final closing, every step in between plays a crucial role in developing a long-term client relationship. Sustaining loyal customers provides the opportunity for repeat business and also introduces a web of newly referred potential clients. These long-lived business relationships breed productivity, prosperity and local popularity.

Let’s create stronger client relationships by reheating the leads in your sphere that have gone cold. Don’t take the loss — turn it into a healthy transaction. Let’s explore these three simple action steps CRE professionals can take to immediately see results.

1. Targeted Newsletters

Let’s get directly to business by creating a targeted newsletter to send out to all of your mid-funnel clients. With this tactic, we’re openly stating exactly what we want to say — no sugar-coating required.

Targeted newsletters work great to prompt action by reminding the client of their plans to do business with you. Today’s bustling world is full of distractions, and you’d be surprised how many stagnant clients are actually just forgetful. It isn’t that they’re not interested in doing business, they’ve just gone off-track.

Use a targeted newsletter as an opportunity to kindly remind clients about their lack of action, while getting them up to speed with all of your firm’s latest news and updates. This is a powerful way to give a nudge while simultaneously educating, reconnecting and rekindling the business relationship.

2. Website Automation

Website automation is a superior marketing strategy that appeals to your client’s humanity. Creating a thoughtful and helpful automated response system strengthens the professional relationship. CRE agents and brokers need to develop trust and respect with their leads since clients need to know you’re there for them.

Website automation takes the form of a pop-up message visitors receive when they enter the site. Usually, these messages are a kind greeting, followed by a question such as “how can I best assist you today?” This is especially important for CRE websites since many site visitors will be ready with questions, comments and concerns.

3. Host an Event

As effective as digital correspondences can be, nothing beats an old-fashioned person-to-person interaction. If your brokerage is sitting on a group of cold leads, target that audience and plan an event.

Remember, the goal is to entice the clients to come and then nudge them into taking action. Get creative and have fun with it! Plan a cocktail night, a pizza party or even a themed-holiday event. This provides a great chance to engage with the local community and show off your best side to stalling clients.

Stagnant leads are a natural part of the CRE business. Don’t let them go cold — reheat them up by taking these three action steps that yield immediate results.

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