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How to Reheat Cold Leads: Part 2

If you’ve read Part 1 of our ‘How to Reheat Cold Leads’ series, you know precisely how important it is to engage this area of your clientele. Leads that have gone cold may not seem important, but the pros know that it only takes a little effort to push them into the active realm of commercial real estate (CRE).

Clients who are stuck somewhere in the funnel create ample opportunities for business, so you should never ignore this group. They already know you, and they’ve already shown their interest in working with you. Somewhere along the way, they’ve just stalled, so it only takes a light nudge to get them flowing through the sales funnel once again.

Let’s continue exploring key action steps CRE professionals can take to reheat their leads — quickly, easily and successfully.

Targeted email campaigns

Part 1 included the trick of sending out targeted newsletters, but these specified email campaigns are taking it to a whole new level. Email campaigns are more strategic than a newsletter — they act as the constant supporting force for large-scale client engagement.

Weekly email campaigns keep you connected to your clients and provide your brand with an outlet to assert its utility by sharing all the newest features, deals and successes. These campaigns are an engagement tactic and brokers can use them however they see best. Whether it’s through surveys, breaking news or updates on the CRE market, these targeted emails ensure you’re regularly on your client’s minds.

The trick to maximizing the effectiveness of this approach is tracking how each email performs, so you can capitalize on those that deliver the best results … and that requires the right tools.

While marketing automation software can help you reach out to the right people in an efficient manner and track how they engage, it doesn’t reveal the true measure of success: new deals. With a client relationship management (CRM) solution like Rethink, however, you can track how your email efforts impact bookings and revenue.

Captivating online ads

Successful marketing all starts with grabbing viewers’ attention, and that’s specifically true for the digital platform. Online ads act as an incredibly influential method of coaxing cold leads to action.

Online ads and pop-ups for CRE professionals should be the perfect balance of captivating and educational, but still easily digestible for the receiver.

Targeting your stagnant clients, create online ads that include a tasteful yet attention-grabbing graphic, a bold headline, a direct message, a clear call to action and your logo.

Remember, these are people who already know your brand and have shown interest, so the goal is to push them along the process rather than sell them on your services. These ads should entice clients to initiate the business deal while providing all the information they need to get started.

Eye-opening white papers

Stubborn leads need an extra push. When all else fails, it’s time to get serious. Ultra-stubborn leads mean it’s time to convince them to take action with cold hard facts. The proof is in the numbers, and you can’t deny data. That’s where white papers come in to save the day.

White papers are an in-depth analysis that are jam-packed with statistics, data and proven information about your brand’s business. Creating white papers is a strong action taken by agents and brokers who know their services are irreplaceable since they undoubtedly showcase both proficiency and profitability.

Profile a case study of clients who’ve been satisfied with your business transaction, and highlight key features that elevate you above the competition. These go into more detail than case studies, so don’t be shy to lay the data down heavily.

Say ‘bye-bye’ to cold leads! By taking these action steps, your sales funnel will be hotter than ever before.

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Learn how Rethink can help you re-engage cold leads