Like Your Own Personal Research Team

Introducing Rethink Intelligence — a new tool offering access to data on more than 8.5 million commercial properties

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Losing a deal can happen for many reasons, but two of the most common are well within brokers’ control:

  1. A breakdown in process that causes a critical task to fall through the cracks
  2. A lack of data

With Rethink Intelligence — a newly released solution that integrates data on more than 8.5 million commercial properties with Rethink’s core dealmaking solution — brokers can cover both of those bases and close more deals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Gain critical market intelligence — By pulling together more than 300,000 unique data sets, Rethink Intelligence gives brokers unprecedented insight into current market conditions and helps them quickly identify properties that fulfill client requirements.
  • Strengthen negotiations — With a greater understanding of a property’s specifications and the transaction prices of similar properties, brokers can approach negotiations with confidence.
  • Craft relevant and engaging marketing collateral — Armed with greater insight into the properties and spaces they represent, brokers can easily create marketing materials that present their listings in the best light.
  • Improve property tours — The solution’s mobile-friendly app allows brokers to quickly access the data they need to answer prospects’ questions when touring properties.

Put simply, Rethink Intelligence is like having your own personal research team scouring commercial real estate properties to get you the data you need to win.

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