As commercial real estate technology continues to accelerate it’s great to engage with industry leaders to gain their perspective on where we are and where we are headed as an industry. Together with one of our technology partners, and fellow Austin startup, RealMassive, we will soon bring you The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next. In this sequel to RealMassive’s The New #CREcosystem, you’ll hear from commercial real estate professionals from varying backgrounds sharing their use, opinions, and predictions related to emerging technology, digital marketing, and predictive analytics.

Below you’ll find a preview of what’s to come in the soon-to-be released – The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next.



“The Internet of Things will change everything. From sensors to voice AI will enable us to measure and aggregate data like never before. I have been one to say if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. IOT will create real actionable data in our buildings that will benefit our most important assets. Our tenants.”

– Jonathan SchultzCo-Founder and Managing Principal, Onyx



“The tools of engagement and their relative effectiveness seem to fluctuate with even more frequency than Google updates its search algorithm, but there’s no question that social networks remain critical platforms for distributing content that can engage and delight your audience. Our approach to developing customer relationships via social varies depending on the channel, but the end goal remains the same: sharing our story. Almost all content forms across virtually any medium in any industry cinema, television, digital, podcasts are competing to entertain and/or inform you. The sweet spot for NAI Partners and the publishing that most moves the needle with our customers is when we marry the right story with the appropriate platform through thoughtfully articulated, creatively designed, and easily digestible content.”

– Larry KoestlerVice President of Marketing, NAI Partners



“We engage our customers with research and analytics by our annual DNA of #CRE survey. We are able to give them insight that takes them less than 3 minutes to contribute to and provide a year worth of insight on their colleagues. It is an outstanding report that keeps on giving with different people digging down deep to gain insight into the industry. For instance, Massimo Group used the data to inspire and coach their audience, while Buildout shared insight into how brokers are doing marketing and how much time they spend. The report offers something for everybody as it is a community effort.”

– Linda Day HarrisonFounder, theBrokerList

We would love to hear your unique perspective on how technology has influenced your brokerage. Contact us if you’re interested in continuing the conversation or participating in this report.

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