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This Is What Makes Rethink a Top CRM

4 reasons people are heaping praise on Rethink’s CRM

PropTech Outlook recently named Rethink a 2020 Top CRM Solution Provider.

The recognition was part of the publication’s annual listing of 10 companies providing CRM solutions and impacting businesses.

And they’re not the only ones touting Rethink’s CRM.

According to Susan Rich, Executive Administrator and Marketing/Graphics Manager at NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs, “Rethink is a jewel to work with.”

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Below, we cover four reasons people are heaping praise on Rethink’s CRM.

1.   Enhanced collaboration

Rethink offers a cloud-based, centralized data repository that empowers users to access and share key data firmwide.

“It’s the connector,” said Krista Leetmaa, Director of Intelligence and Marketing at Landmark Advisory Services. “It helps us break down any silos that build up between departments.”

2.   Commercial real estate focus

Because it’s built specifically for commercial real estate, Rethink comes with the features and functionality brokers need most — including prebuilt, industry-specific reports — out of the box.

“The reports are already built for real estate, so I was able to build off that versus starting from scratch,” said Keanan Halla, Director of Information Services at Trinity REIS. “That’s been a huge plus.”

3.   Increased organization

By keeping critical dealmaking data in one place, Rethink helps users stay organized so key tasks and priorities never fall through the cracks.

“We’re working on more than 75 deals at a time between proposals, listings, and deals we have under contract” said Chloe Strada, head of the strategic advisory program for Cushman & Wakefield — Tampa’s Self-Storage Group. “There’s no way we could keep track of everything we’re doing without Rethink.”

4.   Better control of the deal pipeline

Rethink offers pipeline management tools that make it easy for brokers and firm leaders to identify how deals are progressing and develop a strategy to keep them moving forward.

“The deal pipeline was a major reason we needed a product like Rethink. We didn’t have the ability to track the deals we were working on before,” said Jim McGuckin, Sales Manager at Marcus & Millichap — Brooklyn. “That’s been a game-changer for us. Our pipeline is how we make money. When we can take a deal from the initial contact and move it to an exclusive agreement, then marketing, putting the property under contract, entering due diligence, and finally, closing, that’s how we get paid. But we need to be systematic in each of those steps.”