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“From the start, Rethink really took the time to understand our business and objectives. Rethink has become the core foundation of our technology stack. The overarching result has improved office harmony, accountability within our team, and a better experience for our clients.”

“If you’re in commercial real estate, Rethink CRM is hands down, one of the most remarkable programs in the industry. On a macro level the platform is extraordinary. It fits the needs and details that are unique to commercial real estate, as opposed to trying to make some other solution work.”

“Rethink helps them keep track of everything: their incomes, where they are with each respective client — the digital pipeline feature has been very useful in that regard. All the things they care about most are at their fingertips.”

Greg Brown
NAI DiLeo-Bram & Co

Jason Crimmins
The Blau & Berg Company

Luke Majewski
Sales Team Coordinator at WCRE