Commencement Bay Brokers

Commencement Bay Brokers is a residential brokerage known for providing their customers with a highly personalized experience. With a vast amount of experience in the Real Estate industry, they are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients as they assist them in their home searches all across the Pacific Northwest.

Their Challenges
Commencement Bay Brokers’ old CRM solution wasn’t able to mold to their business model. Therefore, they turned to REthink to allow better contact management and improve overall accountability with their agents.
 Inefficient Data Management: Unable to efficiently track transactions and needed to eliminate the manual processes.
 Inability to customize and automate: Prevented from making the tool work for their business and needed a way to eliminate the guesswork for their agents.
 Disorganized business processes: Difficulty managing multiple databases prompted them to look for a streamlined solution.
Our Solutions
REthink understands that in Real Estate there is not a “one size fits all” solution and was able to provide Commencement Bay with the right amount of flexibility.
 Transaction Managment: REthink provided the visibility needed to track closings and transactions. This gave the Commencement Bay accounting team, all of the information they needed with a click of a button.
 Automated Lead Follow-Up: REthink created automated lead follow-up tasks to hold the agents accountable and to allow Commencement Bay to efficiently track the agents’ overall performance.
 One, unified system: REthink enabled the entire sales cycle to be easily tracked from prospect to closing in one consolidated database.
Keys to Success
REthink increased company efficiencies and accountability among the agents.
 Improved team visibility by being able to report on their agents’ sales pipeline and easily send this information to accounting.
 Saved time by automating processes which allowed agents to focus on converting sales rather than doing paper work.
 Increased Collaboration across the entire organization allowing multiple agents to work together to close more deals.

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