John Hart

Specializing in residential buying, selling, and foreclosure prevention, JohnHart Real Estate is one of the fastest growing agencies in California. The agents of JohnHart needed a solution that soared beyond the capabilities of a basic CRM tool and trusted the REthink team to build a customized solution centered on their unique needs.

Client’s Challenges:

The agents at JohnHart knew that there was a more efficient way to manage every aspect of their business, but with their previous CRM system, they ran into a number of obstacles:

  • Internal communication: JohnHart experienced a high margin of error in delivering messages and updates across different departments.
  • Managing multiple listings: Agents were spending too much time manually updating each listing, since their current tools were not designed for real estate professionals.
  • Separate business processes: While JohnHart’s small sales team was using Salesforce, each agent was using his or her own different organizational system. Without unified business processes, details would often fall through the cracks.
    Our SolutionsDetails were falling through the cracks

The REthink Solution:

The REthink team presented JohnHart with an industry specific solution that was tailored to suit every role within the company:

  • Customs forms and fields: The REthink team added real estate specific tools based on JohnHart’s needs. This included automated workflows, custom forms and fields, and property management tools that went beyond basic Salesforce settings.
  • Virtual freedom: JohnHart gained the ability to easily navigate all of their information in REthink and access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Showings object: Created an interactive object for the transaction coordinator to schedule and share appointments with multiple sources.

Keys to Success:

  • Automated workflows enhanced business processes.
  • Increased visibility and coordination between internal departments.
  • Mobile access for on-the-go and on-site data input



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