What does great Customer Success for our amazing REthink CRM customers look like?

At REthink CRM, not only are we leading the pack with what a high performance, flexible CRE CRM platform can be, but we’ve also reinvented (REthink’d) our total delivery and support model. Client Services at REthink covers Product Support, premium Product Services, and Account Services which work together to drive your customer success. We believe excellent Client Services is only possible when our success is tied to your success.

When you join the REthink CRM family, we’re committed with you to getting the most out of our product. To us Client Services and Customer Success are about understanding your needs and requests, and delivering solutions that meet your goals when you need them.

Over 10 years, we’ve determined that the best customer experience occurs when professional Salesforce systems integrators are involved. We’ve identified some of the best REthink implementation partners for you to work with when setting up REthink. Why do we do this? Because many of our customers are new to Salesforce and REthink, and we’ve found the majority of our customers love REthink and the Salesforce.com platform so much they don’t stop there. Our customers grow into Salesforce.com and use more and more Salesforce.com applications to gain a competitive edge. Having a great Salesforce.com partner that knows their organization is central to both adoption and to that growth plan. By having a professional Salesforce.com partner whom our customers can work with can provide not only great management and customizations for REthink CRM, but enables blue ocean expansion into the vastly productive ecosystem of Salesforce.com applications and solutions.

Below are some of the features of our customer success program. We also invite you to review our full Product Support Pledge.

Dedicated account services from our terrific Customer Success Managers with courtesy checkins throughout the year – we want to listen and to know how to help you better.


A dedicated Product Support team and premium Product Services packages that can be used for product training time, additional REthink configuration, and on-boarding new users as desired:

  • REthink Product Support – active subscribers get full product bug support coverage and full access to our web based Help Center portaL We’re investing heavily in self guided quality content with the goal of enabling customers of any size to self manage and Administer our products.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Product Services (PS) training packages – allows customers to leverage expert REthink training from our Product Services team.  
  • REthink REmote services – our innovative paid REthink REmote service links your REthink Administrator with our Product Services team each month for a year.  
  • REthink CRM works with best-in-class partners to provide expert installation, training and support. When you choose REthink, we work with you and a certified partner to achieve your installation and on-boarding plan.  Ask your AE or your Customer Success Manager about our REthink Rapid Start program.

REthink’s commitment to providing an exceptional product support experience, that exceeds expectations of our customers, is what sets us apart from other industry service providers. We want our customers to know we measure our success, not only on the quality of the CRM product we produce, but on the quality of client services and support we provide. We have set a high bar, let us show you how much we care about your issues and concerns.


  • You want dedicated, expert and timely REthink product support:  We have experts available to guide and assist!
  • You want customizations to support your unique workflows:  Through Product Services or our skilled partners, we help our customers all the time with custom workflows. page edits, dashboard & reports.
  • You want custom rollout, training and onboarding process:  We have tight integration with our partners who are trained by us on REthink onboarding.
  • You want to start small and kick the tires:  Our product out-of-the-box is solid and ready to go for companies as small as 3 brokers.  Need a few things changed, look into our REthink Rapid Start progam for new customers.
  • You don’t want to dedicate a REthink system administrator from your staff:  We can help by providing regular monthly services for this essential role, uniquely suited for smaller firms that may not have REthink Admin technical expertise or bandwidth inside their organization.  Ask your AE or Customer Success Manager about our REthink REmote service.
  • Let us know what else you may need to be successful with REthink, we’re ready to listen.

When you engage with us via support or through your Customer Success Manager we begin by listening and ensure we understand not just the issue, but your goals.

We look forward to being of service.

Vijay Mehra | REthink CRM | Inventor, Founder & CEO