Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the REthink General FAQ page. Our goal is to provide visitors who are considering REthink for their organizations the following often requested information.

I want to kick the REthink tires! How can I trial REthink?


REthink trials are available. Please click the Schedule Demo link above, or click here and let us know about your interest in REthink.

How long are REthink trials?


By default, REthink trials are 14 day trials of our full Enterprise product. Should you need more time, please reach out to your REthink Account Executive. In most cases, we can work to extend your trial to aid your review and consideration of REthink in your organization.


I'm in a REthink trial... Can I add my own data?


Yes. The REthink trial contains a wide spectrum of example or demo data which should allow you to fully exercise the breadth of the REthink system. Since the trial instance of REthink will become your production instance after purchase, we normally remove all data during our onboarding process for new customers. Please ensure that your REthink Account Executive is aware if you add data that you wish to remain after your trial.


I'm ready to purchase REthink! What's next?


The process to purchase REthink entails notifying your REthink Account Executive. We will provide contract paperwork for your company to sign. Once payment is made, we’ll confirm your Go-Live date, prepare your REthink instance, and begin onboarding procedures. 


How does REthink pricing work?


REthink comes in two subscription flavors which can be mixed and matched to suit your goals. Current pricing is present on our Pricing page or click here. Our Broker license is typically sufficient for most firms that do not require expanded application and API access. This can be a very economic option for customers. For firms that intend to leverage the platform to its fullest, including installing 3rd-party applications from the AppExchange or require API access, we provide our Enterprise license.


What is the license term with REthink?


REthink follows’s licensing requirements, which call for annual prepayment of licenses. At the start of your REthink subscription, you will prepay the first year license fee.


What is the process for renewing REthink each year?


Your account will automatically renew annually on the anniversary of your start date. You are free to renew early. Prior to renewals, REthink Account Services sends out renewal reminders to alert you to the pending renewal event. We send email reminders to the Accounting and Primary contacts for your account. 


How do I cancel my REthink service?


We know changes occur. Should you decide not to renew your REthink service for the next year, canceling is simple. The Primary or Accounting Contact must notify our Accounting Services team that you do not wish to renew at least one month prior to your renewal date. This allows us to notify


If I do no renew with REthink, how do I get my data?


We believe the data you’ve added to REthink is yours and not ours. Should you choose to discontinue your relationship with REthink, simply let our Product Services team know that you would like to export your data. We will request that prepare an export file that you can download which holds all available REthink data currently present in your REthink instance. This is typically sufficient for all transition scenarios we encounter.


If I start with the Broker license, can I upgrade to Enterprise if needed?


Yes. You will pay a prorated rate for the balance of your annual term and we will convert your license to Enterprise. Your next renewal will continue your then-current license mix unless you specify otherwise.


Can I downgrade my licenses in REthink?


Yes. Only renew what you need. Since all REthink licenses are annualized, any downgrades will apply at the start of the next term renewal. Simply alert us to your preferred license count and type at least one month prior to your renewal. We will handle any license type and count adjustments for you with directly.


What does product support look like?


Product Support is available to assist you with understanding and using our REthink product. We care about your success and work hard towards delivering and supporting our product. Our commitment is in writing and you can review our Support Pledge here.


What else do you provide to aid my success?


    • Saving the best for last! Our product is turnkey out of the box and suitable for a vast majority of brokerages. Customer REthink administrators onboard using our online video training.  Also available from our Product Services team is one-on-one or group training services..
    • In most cases, this is sufficient and your team is off and running using REthink to grand success!


What if I want more REthink customizations, or I don't have/want an internal REthink Administrator?


    • New customers may want changes and customizations to their program and we deliver.  Ask your Account Executive about our REthink Rapid Start program.
    • Our optional REthink REmote package is positioned to assist smaller customers that benefit from regular monthly checkins with our Product Services team.  our PS team can work with cutomers to make changes or handle tasks, and help train your team to ramp up adoption. To learn more about any of our premium programs, please reach out to your REthink Account Executive during the sales process, or open a request with our Product Support team anytime.