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Back Office:

Commission & Payment

Now that you have so much powerful data in REthink CRM, from prospecting, to deals & transactions, and comps, what do you do with this data? REthink CRM reporting allows brokers and executives to have complete visibility into every part of your CRE business. Dashboards help present this data in an easy-to-view real-time graph.

Now you can integrate your accounting with your CRM without the hassle of entering data into multiple separate systems. All accounting data is reconciled and synchronized in one place!

  • Upload and track receipts for each deal as expenses are incurred using your mobile phone or your desktop
  • Calculate and manage commissions and splits for each deal
  • Create invoices for each deal with related expenses & commissions
  • Send invoices to your client with the click of a button
  • Process commissions and track which commissions have been paid

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