REthink CRM CRE Features

REthink CRM is the leading cloud-based commercial real estate brokerage platform built for CRE brokers, by CRE brokers. Leveraging the platform, REthink CRM offers brokers the latest & best technology platform for managing client relationships, listings, properties, deals, and commissions.

Deal Pipeline Management

Closing deals just got a lot easier! With REthink CRM Deal Pipeline, brokers have complete transparency into every deal, commissions, client requirements and much more. REthink CRM’s digital deal database keeps all of your deals, activities, and clients in one, easy-to-view screen. By leveraging REthink CRM’s Deal Pipeline, brokers can increase their deal pipeline funnel and deal flow, thus allowing for more earnings each year.

All of your CRE Transactions, In One Place

  • Landlord Representation
  • Tenant Representation
  • Buyer Representation
  • Seller Representation

Drag and drop deals as they progress through your pipeline. Share deal relative deal information with colleagues and clients.

360 Degree View

REthink CRM’s relational database structure allows brokers and users to see all related information on a deal on one screen.

Pipeline Management

Track and manage close dates, potential net and gross commissions, fee types, and house fees so you can forecast your business and potential earnings each month, quarter, and year, all in real time.

Client Requirements

Better understand your clients needs and quickly match those needs with the right tenant, landlord, buyer, or seller. REthink CRM allows you to track all of your clients’ unique requirements in one, easy-to-view screen.

Lease Management

Track and manage lease expiration dates, rents, TIs and much more so that a deal never slips through the cracks, and you can proactively reach out to your clients when the time is right.

Action Plans

Automate your business by creating custom follow-up action plans for your deals to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Track & Manage Offers

Capture offers for your deals and share details with your client in real time,

Track Activities

Manage and track all correspondence related to your deals so no detail is ever lost.

Digital Database

Listing Agreements, LOIs, and Property Teasers- REthink CRM allows you to attach any documents to your deals so all of your information is stored and accessed in one place.

Generate Documents

Brokers can generate documents with the click of a button.

  • Broker Representation Agreements
  • Listing Inquiries Reports
  • Market Survey Reports
  • Offer Matrix
  • Property Teasers
  • Or build your own custom template in minutes


Your team can decide whether or not to share deal data across your organization or keep data private. Whether you want to give read or read/write access to a colleague, group of colleagues, and/or your client, with REthink CRM’s security model, we give your the flexibility to choose who sees what, when you want.

With today’s competitive landscape, it is imperative that commercial real estate brokers maintain a competitive advantage in their market by leveraging the latest and greatest technology software. REthink CRM is paving the way for the modern broker.

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