REthink CRM CRE Features

REthink CRM is the leading cloud-based commercial real estate brokerage platform built for CRE brokers, by CRE brokers. Leveraging the platform, REthink CRM offers brokers the latest & best technology platform for managing client relationships, listings, properties, deals, and commissions.

Prospect Management

Now that you have so much powerful data in REthink CRM, from prospecting, to deals & transactions, and comps, what do you do with this data? REthink CRM reporting allows brokers and executives to have complete visibility into every part of your CRE business. Dashboards help present this data in an easy-to-view real-time graph.

Prospecting is the livelihood of any CRE broker. Without them, deals cannot be made. Therefore, prospect management is a critical piece to any CRE CRM. With REthink CRM’s prospect management feature, brokers can build stronger relationships with their prospects and contacts, while quickly allowing brokers to navigate through call lists and maintain task and follow-up activity.

YOUR Prospects

Leveraging’s security model, ensure your leads and prospects are yours and yours only. Decide which prospects and contacts you wish to share with colleagues and team members when you want.

Create Call Lists

Maximize your marketing efforts with targeted emails. With REthink CRM’s Prospect Management tool, you can easily create call lists using any filter imaginable so that a lead never goes untouched. You can add, update, and delete your call lists as your business grows and evolves.

Track Activities

Log a recent call. Or send and capture an email to recap a conversation. All of your activities are tracked in REthink CRM so that you never miss a thing.

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