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Rethink’s Latest Self-Improvement Journey

It’s important for people to pause from time to time and reflect on the personal changes that can help them achieve their goals in life … and we take the same approach to software.

Except in this case, we’re focused on your goals.

That’s why we’ve made the four Rethink updates listed below — to ensure your solution is better equipped to help you quickly and easily close more deals.

An issue with GEOsearch was preventing users from saving a search.

That’s no longer a problem. Save away, friends.

When creating a PDF for Property and Space/Unit, users were getting an error message. Now, they’ll get a PDF, just as intended.

When users selected More Details to access Property Sites, a placeholder image displayed before the correct image, which led to some confusion.

With this update, the correct image displays immediately. No problems. No uncertainty.

When users entered a Property Name that was too long, the title cut off.

We’ve increased the character length, so you now have the flexibility to list the title that works best for you.