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What the Salesforce Spring Release Means for You

We recently put together some impressive new Rethink updates and enhancements — without even breaking a sweat.

Sure, that’s mostly because Salesforce did all the work, but we still feel pretty good about it. After all, we’re a Salesforce-based platform, so you still get to reap the rewards.

And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Here’s what you need to know:

Are you tired of having to select individual items or switch to Salesforce Classic to permanently delete all items in your Recycle Bin? You’re in luck.

With the new release, you can empty your Recycle Bin with a single click.

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You no longer have to switch to Salesforce Classic to manage deleted reports and dashboards.

Instead, you can view, restore, and permanently delete them without leaving the Lightning experience.

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Lightning Experience App Launcher enhancements let you find and open apps and items quicker than ever.

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Take your related lists to the next level. With Enhanced Related Lists, you can show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

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Review this article to locate your Salesforce Instance and determine whether it has been updated with the Spring ’20 release.