Finally, Technology That Actually Understands You

Rethink Mobile features natural language processing and machine learning to interpret the meaning behind users’ voice commands.

Let’s face it: Technology can be pretty frustrating

While commercial real estate (CRE) solution providers often claim their technology is intuitive and easy to use, that’s rarely the case.

Unless you’re in the mystical group of “tech savvy” brokers, their products just end up being an expensive headache — hard-to-learn, time-consuming, and frustrating.

And the worst part is you know it doesn’t have to be that way.

Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have shown how simple and effective technology can be.

Commercial real estate just never seems to benefit.

But that’s about to change

In Q1 2020, Rethink — the company that’s been providing CRE-focused technology built by CRE professionals for more than a decade — is releasing Rethink Mobile.

Here’s what that means for you:

Using a simple app on your phone, you can access the full power of Rethink’s innovative client relationship management (CRM) and PropTech solution … just by talking.

That’s right — just say what you want, and the app will make it happen.

And you don’t even have to learn pre-programmed commands to access the features and functionality you need.

Thanks to natural language processing and machine learning, Rethink Mobile will understand the intent behind your words and act on it.

So, if you’re out with a client and need to find all Class A properties within 10 miles, you just ask.

Or if you need to move a deal to close — and trigger automated workflows that notify specific members of your firm — you just say it.

It’s that simple.

And as an NAI employee, you can…

Get Rethink Mobile for free for 12 months upon its release when you sign up for Rethink by Oct. 1

That means you can immediately start benefiting from Rethink features and functionality to:

Grow your business

View all your prospecting information from a single console, create call lists, log calls to keep track of key information, and set follow-up reminders.

Keep deals moving forward

Systematically close deals with pipeline management tools that help you identify and overcome roadblocks.

Prove your value to clients

Create activity reports that detail the work you’ve accomplished on behalf of your client.

Quickly create key documents

Generate broker representation agreements, letters of intent (LOIs), property teasers, and more.

Identify the right property in any location

Use a map-based locator tool to find prospects, properties, and spaces within a specified location.

Track upcoming lease expirations

View stacking plans to keep track of which spaces are opening up and when.

Make continuous improvements

Measure your firm’s performance with reporting and analytics, so you can put additional resources behind the tactics that work and make tweaks to those that don’t.

And starting in Q1 2020, you can do it all using Rethink Mobile at no additional cost for 12 months.

Get started today

Fill out the form below, and a Rethink representative will contact you with more information — but act soon, this deal is only good through Oct. 1, 2019.

It’s time for CRE professionals to have a solution that truly works for them. It’s time to put the future of CRE dealmaking in the palm of your hand.