REthink CRM CRE Features

REthink CRM is the leading cloud-based commercial real estate brokerage platform built for CRE brokers, by CRE brokers. Leveraging the platform, REthink CRM offers brokers the latest & best technology platform for managing client relationships, listings, properties, deals, and commissions.

Report & Analystics

Now that you have so much powerful data in REthink CRM, from prospecting, to deals & transactions, and comps, what do you do with this data? REthink CRM reporting allows brokers and executives to have complete visibility into every part of your CRE business. Dashboards help present this data in an easy-to-view real-time graph.

REthink CRM comes pre-installed with a suite of industry leading reporting packages to help you capture key reporting metrics. Out-of-the-box, you will have access to graphs such as Broker Split on Closed Deals, Deal Pipeline by Revenue Stream, Deals Closed (all time), and much more!

Reports That You Can Create

Are you frustrated with having to ask your IT department to develop reports or have heard the the horror stories? With REthink CRM, you can build customized reports and dashboards with ease using the drag and drop report builder.

Track & Measure Performance

See how your team is performing each day, week, month, quarter and year. Help younger brokers understand the process and metrics necessary to increase revenue, and provide veteran brokers with a tool to help them drive more deal volume, thus driving positive results for your team and brokerage.

Forecast Revenue

Commission and transaction reports give you and your team better visibility on deals in the pipeline, what’s closing, probability of closing, and more to help you better manage your business and expectations.

Customize & Create

Use the Lightning interface to clone and customize our out-of-the-box reports to better suit your needs, or start from the beginning and create completely custom reports. You can tailor your report based on the level of detail you need – from the highest bird’s eye view to completely granular – and get the best view of your data for the problem you’re trying to solve.

Commercial Real Estate Reporting Software

REthink CRM is designed specifically for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Out of the box REthink CRM comes with a suite of reports that look at prospects, deal pipeline, comparables, properties, all within your fingertips.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

REthink CRM is built off the new Salesforce Lightning experience. It is a new fast, modern, and sleek user experience interface. The lightning experience is a direct result of the rise of mobile and a concentrated effort the platform easier to use. We know that your brokerage firm is on the go and the new lightning platform brings the user interference into the next generation. The framework of lightning has also been revamp to allow for fast application development, which means product updates can be rolled out quicker.

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