Rethink Support Pledge

At Rethink, we are committed to our clients’ success in using our platform. All current users have access to Product Support. Rethink Product Support Specialists are here to advocate for your success and help you troubleshoot any issue in a timely manner. We’re an in-house team of product experts based in the U.S. Our responses to your questions are genuine—they’re never canned. The content below will help you effectively use our Product Support to receive the best resolutions to your support and adoption requests.

To ensure your success with Rethink, you have a plethora of online resources available to you, as well as variety of hands-on and custom-tailored training programs that can be conducted by our Client Success team and Partner Integrators. The Rethink professionals have also created a series of recorded video trainings that are available to 24×7 at no cost.

We encourage all Rethink clients to designate and maintain a Rethink product technical administrator (whom we refer to as the Rethink Administrator) inside their brokerage. Often the Rethink Administrator is a member of your support staff, your IT team, or an outside consultant you engage with. This designated individual will champion Rethink into your organization, can deploy training throughout the firm, and is a key first contact around user support issues. As part of our best business practices, we require all new Rethink clients to engage in our Rethink Onboarding Training. Our Onboarding Training is designed for Rethink Administrators and we keep a permanent library of documentation and video training aids available for all currently subscribed clients. For clients who decide not to invest in any additional training, the library published on our Knowledge Base provides the primary avenue of product training. Our Product Support team can assist in the explanation of our product, however larger training projects or training around customized work will be provided via our Client Success and Training Managers and will be classified as paid engagements.

We encourage all of our clients to maintain an active log or a live document around changes and training for their Rethink platform. This can aid clients during periods of transition, such as when training new users or onboarding a new Product Administrator. While Rethink is highly customizable, we recommend clients adopt a robust change management strategy when considering customizations to Rethink.   Some attributes of a robust policy would include process around:

  • Problem and goal identification – what are we looking to achieve with this change?
  • Proposed change to address problems are documented in steps to be carried out
  • Identifying a set of records to be used for testing
  • Review of testing results / updating change logs or live journal of changes to Rethink org
  • Customizing and making changes, then testing in the sandbox first (vs customizing directly in your production Rethink)


Tickets should be created by your Rethink Administrator. Rethink User to Product Support interactions can be limited due to the technical nature of the CRM products, customizations that may have occurred, and the complexities of the underlying technology. We strongly recommend all Rethink clients provide a designated Rethink Administrator for their organization. If your Rethink Administrator is unavailable, Product Support will provide every attempt to assist. To file a support ticket, please email  and provide a Title, explanation of the situation, and attach any supporting documents. Alternately, you can login to the Rethink Help Center and mouse over your name (top-right area) and click “Submit a Request.”

We have implemented a severity level coding system to help classify incoming support requests and assist our team in properly triaging all support tickets. We ask our clients to apply the appropriate level of severity using the descriptions outlined below.

  • Urgent: Mission critical functionality is not working or unavailable. All users affected, no workarounds available, and a major impact to business. We will make every attempt to help you resolve these types of issues within 1 business day.* Please Note: If you are experiencing a support issue that is considered Urgent and is related to a third-party application (not Rethink directly), we recommend your Rethink Administrator interact directly with the application vendor.
  • High: Critical functionality is impacted. Not all users are impacted and there is a workaround. We will make every attempt to resolve these types of issues within 1-3 days.* As some problems are more difficult to resolve than others, it may take longer to troubleshoot and diagnose with our internal teams for a resolution.
  • Normal: Non-critical functionality is impacted or a general product inquiry.

*Our goal of “1-3 Business days to resolve your issue” does not take into account the following:

  • Issues that are determined to be Product bugs or Product defects that require work from our Development team
  • Issues that are determined to be related to platform changes
  • Issues that are determined to be related to third-party applications integrating with the Rethink platform
  • Issues that are determined to be related to third-party salesforce consultants, customer modifications, and system integrators
  • Delays caused by the communication between parties
  • Periods of peak ticket activity, such as around product release and product upgrade periods
  • Delays caused by your Rethink technical administrator not being included in a support case
  • Delays caused when there is no Rethink customer technical administrator managing your product

Support response times are not the same as support resolution times. We commit to responding to all support requests during normal business hours (not including holidays), as quickly as possible. Generally, if you submit a support request before 3PM CST, we will make every effort to respond the same day. If your support request arrives after 3PM CST, we will make every effort to respond the same day.

We do not provide phone support for the Rethink product. Rethink Product Administrators on our clients’ end are encouraged to open a support ticket by email, which allows us to track all support engagements. We recommend to our clients to review our video library of self-paced training materials, along with our Knowledge Base of topics. Upon the review of an open support ticket, our Product Support team member will request a call or request a screen-share session along with a phone call.

How are support cases prioritized?

  1. Severity Color
  2. Date/time the support case was received

A good understanding of our role in support, will aid you in a good interaction with our Product Support team. Product Support is available to help your Rethink Administrator use our product and solve problems related to using our product. Some of requests may include:

  • Rethink out-of-the-box functionality inquiries
  • Assistance with finding content on our Knowledge Base
  • Rethink bug alerts and/or troubleshooting
  • Third party support and functionality (Cirrus Insight, CommissionTrac, Nintex Drawloop, etc.)
  • Issues related to the platform/guidance with creating a Salesforce Support Ticket
  • Connect you with our Implementation Partners for any customized work
  • Assistance in a creation of a new field
  • Adjustment of a page layout
  • Creation, addition or removal of users
  • Data hygiene or data migration/extraction services
  • Adjustment to the Workflows, Process Builders, Email Triggers, etc.
  • Adjustment and/or creation of Custom Objects and Record Types
  • Third-party applications
  • Custom integrations
  • Support for custom development (new configuration, process automation, development, etc.)