How Rethink Supports Trinity REIS’s Remarkable Growth

Keanan Halla

Keanan Halla
Trinity: Investment Sales

Leaders at Trinity Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) have driven the firm to new levels of success.

“We’re growing so fast. We’re kind of bursting at the seams,” said Keanan Halla, Director of Information Systems at the firm. “We owe that to our partners. The commitment and connection they bring just powers over any market conditions.”

“I didn’t have time to overhaul its design to meet our needs. I needed something built for commercial real estate.”

And they know continued success depends on providing agents and staff with the tools they need to do their best work at scale. Recently, that meant reevaluating their client relationship management (CRM) technology.

“I didn’t have time to overhaul its design to meet our needs,” Keanan said. “I needed something built for commercial real estate.”

The new solution also had to meet the needs of the firm’s brokers, who didn’t want to take time away from deals to learn how to use new software.

“They wanted something that was easy to manipulate and easy to use,” Keanan explained. “And something that provided a quick way to log their calls, create follow-ups, and see their pipeline.”

They found what they were looking for in Rethink — the CRM and PropTech solution purpose-built for commercial real estate.

The solution’s industry-specific features and functionality offered immediate improvements.

“The reports are already built for real estate, so I was able to build off that versus starting from scratch,” Keanan said. “That’s been a huge plus.”

These reports allow Trinity REIS to track key insights and metrics, like:

  • Days on market for current listings.
  • Listings by deal stage.
  • Contracts by month for potential closings.
  • Outstanding proposals.
  • Number of cold calls per agent.

Rethink even allowed Keanan to create separate dashboard views so users see the information that’s most valuable to them as soon as they log in.

“I have one dashboard set up for the full company and another set up for a specific team,” Keanan explained.

In addition to streamlining reporting, Rethink provides workflow automations that preserve data integrity when creating documents.

“Our marketing department can run listing agreements directly from the property or deal record,” Keanan said. “The data comes straight from the system, so it’s accurate. I don’t have to go back through and correct any issues, and neither do our agents.”

Rethink also offers automated notifications, which help Trinity REIS keep agents and staff informed when important events occur.

“We have notifications that inform the marketing team when something goes under contract, notifications that let the team know when a listing goes on market, and notifications that let us know when we close a deal,” Keanan said. “It makes things a lot easier.”

To further increase efficiency, Trinity REIS plans to take advantage of the integrations available through Rethink’s partnership ecosystem.

“We’re working on potentially integrating with Buildout and Drawloop,” Keanan noted.

And because Rethink is backed by an award-winning Client Success team, Keanan knows she’ll always have the support she needs to get the most out of her solution.

“Viviana’s on it,” she said, referring to Rethink’s Manager of Client Success. “She’s been great. I never have to wait on anything.”

Overall, Keanan is extremely happy with Rethink … and she expects firms that currently rely on manual deal tracking methods would benefit from the solution, as well.

“If you’re tracking information on a spreadsheet, you’re not going to be able to find or remember that information later. If you only have one or two clients, you can do it, but if you want to be successful, you need to be able to quickly view your client’s record, see what properties they own, and what you’ve worked with them on in the past,” Keanan said.

“And think about how much you spend on data sources,” she continued. “How much are you paying for COMP data when you probably already track enough data on your own? Data that you control.”