The 8-Point CRE Prospecting Checklist

One of Transwestern’s Guiding Principles is “Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

We can’t think of any activity that embodies that principle more than prospecting.

Think about it: What’s more entrepreneurial than proactively reaching out to prospects and learning how you can help them achieve their goals?

But no one wants to spend hours making calls, sending emails, and shaking hands with nothing to show for it.

That’s why we developed The 8-Point CRE Prospecting Checklist — a simple guide designed to help you develop a prospecting practice that delivers reliable results.

Download the checklist to learn:

  • The crucial steps you need to take before calling or emailing prospects.
  • How to meet with potential clients face to face.
  • The key step that separates the most successful agents from their peers.

Download The Checklist