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5 Ways Brokerages Can Attract Top Agents

Expertise in attracting talented agents is a necessary skill in commercial real estate, especially for small independent brokerages. When it comes to attracting top agents into a brokerage, it’s all about showing them how this professional relationship will benefit their career.

Skilled agents are interested in more than just what their commission split will be, they’re looking into the entire business culture. It doesn’t require a massive corporation to reel in the winning agents – by holding prestige in the market, implementing productivity tools, and building a strong company culture; any brokerage can recruit extraordinary potential team members.

Company Culture

The modern agent isn’t just interested in any old firm, they’re looking for a brokerage that fits into their personal lifestyle. Agents want to do business with the best possible brokerage for them, so it’s important to invest in a strong team culture. By curating your company’s individual vibe, brokerage’s are more apt to recruit and retain talented agents.

Team members are more motivated in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable, valued, and encouraged. Important factors to pay attention to are workplace design, social interactions, and feedback loops. A brokerage who takes care of their team members flourishes and expands.

Associated Perks

A skilled agent can be won over based on what your brokerage offers them. The perks associated with your company can act as major winning points for attracting agents. Whether your brokerage offers killer educational opportunities, markets their team members, or utilizes state of the art technologies – let potential agents know what you can provide to help upgrade their career.

Market Reputation

In today’s day and age, it’s vital for brokerages to cultivate a strong market presence. Branding and promoting are essential aspects of being known, respected, and legitimate within the current CRE climate. Having your company name positively regarded in the local market is important when attracting the regions best agents.

It’s also important for brokerages to be active in the field of social media and have updated and engaging online profiles, since many potential agents may be searching the web for their next professional opportunity.

Tools and Technologies

One of the most sought after elements of a brokerage is their use of commercial real estate technologies. In our digital world, there are endless opportunities to modernize and expand the way brokerages do business. These tools are available to small brokerages and they comprise a necessary component for landing rockstar agents.

CRE technological tools help agents do their job with increased flexibility, productivity, and efficiency. Agents can run through tasks, get things done, and close deals – anywhere, anytime, all on the go. There are various softwares for every aspect of the business; be it integration, marketing, communication, and data collection.

Being a tech-savvy brokerage is a major plus for today’s agents since they’ll gain access to an extensive toolkit.

Strong Customer Relationships

Small brokerages can recruit top agents by using Rethink, a top-rated customer relationship management company. Rethink offers CRM solutions for commercial brokerages and helps streamline processes and increase profitability.

Providing agents with a tool like Rethink helps them stay organized while juggling multiple clients allowing them to successfully close more deals. Not only does this support individual career growth, but also fuels your brokerage as a whole.

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