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Awarded for the Best CRE Software

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What does great Customer Success for our amazing REthink CRM customers look like?

For us it starts with our Product Support Pledge.  At REthink CRM, not only are we leading the pack with what a high performance, flexible CRE CRM platform can be, but we’ve also reinvented (REthink’d) our total delivery and support model. Client Services at REthink covers Product Support, premium Product Services, and Account Services which work together to drive your Customer Success. We believe excellent Client Services is only possible when our success is tied to your success.

When you join the REthink CRM family, we’re committed with you to getting the most out of the product. To us Client Services and Customer Success is about understanding your needs and requests, and delivering solutions that meet your goals when you need them.

Over 10 years of growing and selling REthink, we’ve determined that the best customer experience occurs when professional Salesforce systems integrators are involved. We’ve identified some of the best REthink implementation partners for you to work with when setting up REthink. Why do we do this? Because many of our customers are new to Salesforce and REthink, and we’ve found the majority of our customers love REthink and the Salesforce platform so much they don’t stop there. Customers grow into Salesforce and use more and more Salesforce applications to gain a competitive edge, and having a great Salesforce partner that knows their organization is central to both adoption and to that growth plan. By having a professional salesforce partner whom our customers can work with provides not only great management and customizations for REthink CRM, but enables blue ocean expansion into the vastly productive ecosystem of Salesforce applications and solutions.

Some of the features of our program:

  • Dedicated account services from our terrific Customer Success Managers with courtesy check ins throughout the year – we want to listen and to know how to help you better. We see your success on par with our own.
  • A dedicated Product Support team and premium Product Services Training packages that can be used for product training time, additional REthink configuration, and onboarding new users as desired.
  • REthink Product Support – active subscribers get full product bug support coverage and full access to our web based Help Center portal. We’re investing heavily in self guided quality content with the goal of enabling customers of any size to self manage and Administer our products.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Product Services (PS) training plans – three package sizes allow customers to leverage our training and functional support from our Product Services team.

Learn more about our Customer Success program and commitment

REthink’s commitment to providing an exceptional product support experience that exceeds expectations of our customers is what sets us apart from other industry service providers. We want our customers to know we measure our success, not only on the quality of the CRM product we produce, but on the quality of client services and support we provide. We have set a high bar, let us show you how much we care about your issues and concerns.

Most helpful positive reviews

Appexchange Reviews

Jordan Lara

Jordan Lara

Super intelligent database

For years I used Outlook, note Apps, and my phone to log and store clients and deal information. I stumbled upon REthink a few years ago and am convinced this switch has added to the major growth our commercial real estate team has experienced over the last couple of years. I like that you grow with the APP as the developers improve efficiency and functionality too. It seems that I am on the right track to really getting our team managing prospects and deals and reporting on them as I have wanted to do. Work with the REthink team, they will help you grow your business!!!…more

Tripp Pruet

Tripp Pruet

Great tool for real estate professionals

This has been an extremely helpful tool in tracking prospects and clients. Customer service has been great in helping our team customize the page for exactly what we need.

Gregory Laskody

Gregory Laskody

If you are a hard-core CRE/Capital Markets pro, look no further for your CRM – REThink is it!

I spent the better part of 08/2016 to 09/2017 desperately researching, tire-kicking, and beta-testing, ANYTHING that would help me decide the best CRM for me. Checked out ClientLook, Ascendix, PropertyBase, RealNex, and …. Apto. After picking Apto – largely because they ‘promised’ my requirements would be met – 8 months later I still had no working database! I decided to re-visit all of these CRMs again, but then I recalled that REThink’s demo really stood out in my mind at the time.…more

Chris Naylon

Great CRM solution for commercial real estate

I have recently switched over from another CRM to Rethink. The interface for REthink is very well thought out and intuitive through the entire real estate process from the initial contact with a new lead to the close of escrow. Other CRM’s have not been able to handle the transaction process smoothy and REthink provides the best solution …more

Debbie Landry

ESmith Reatly Partners – Thanks the ReThink Team for its great customer support

We are fairly new to Salesforce & ReThink so there has been a bit of a learning curve. I was given the name of Calvin as my “go to” for ReThink and he has been a tremendous asset to our team. Whether it is a 2-minute training over the phone or a 30-minute review of setting up reports or dashboards, he patiently awaits until I fully understand the …more

Kyle Lundy

Great software and experience. If you will put in the time you will be impressed.

Nick and Supriya were fantastic and I never have used that word when speaking about sales and software. Nick shepherded us through the process and Supriya was the best that I have ever had the enjoyment of working with. She is thorough, conscientious, hard working and made sure we received the product that we wanted…more

Martin Bravo

Great Attention To Detail

After analyzing a dozen of different products for my organization including other sales force apps and standalone CRMs, I decided to go with Rethink because it allowed me to customize my system in many different ways.

Sean Stutzman

Great CRE CRM!

Over the years we’ve used every Commercial real estate CRM around. REthink seems to be the permanent solution we’ve been looking for. The development team was very helpful and responsive.

Nathaniel Korn

Product Review – REthink

Very powerful product in terms of managing/organizing different aspects of my business. Additionally, any additional changes I need to make I can do it thanks to the flexibility of the platform.

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